News for the Ostbelgien Triathlon 2020:

Corona Virus Info

Despite the current emergency situation due to the Corona virus, we are not currently planning to cancel the Ostbelgien Triathlon. We hope that the situation will improve in a few weeks. Stay healthy !

CO2 neutral certified !

Wherever possible, we avoid or greatly reduce our CO2 emissions. We offset unavoidable emissions in a climate protection project in the Third World.
Our Ostbelgien Triathlon is certified CO2-neutral. Learn more about our sustainability concept at "Respect out planet" !

Age-graded classification in the Promo:

For the first time, we will evaluate the overall ranking for the promo/sprint distance 2020 age-graded. After extensive research, we were able to develop a method to use factors to adjust the times in the individual disciplines depending on the age of the respective athlete. Details can be found under "Age Graded Classification" !

The registration is open !

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